With Peter Ablinger and Anna Berit Asp Christensen at SPOR 2010 performing Ablinger’s Weiss/Weisslich

Labor Sonor 28th of November 2016, at KULE, Berlin

Curated in collaboration with Christian Kesten and Andrea Neumann, with the support of the DAAD Berliner Künstlerprogramm. Works by Carolyn Chen, Louis d’Heudières, Peter Ablinger and James Saunders performed by Maulwerker and others.

BBC Cut & Splice Festival 2015

Cut and Splice 2-15 Festival at Cafe Oto was co-produced by Sound and Music, and BBC Radio 3. Cut & Splice 2015 links the work of the pioneers of the sonic avant-garde to the trail-blazers of today and explores the relationships between music machines and the environment. Moving from the centre to the edges of music-making practices, from the last century to our own, the programme seeks to explore these dual radii of influence, that somehow overlap, create interference patterns and forming a fuzzy and yet compelling continuum on which the programmed works lie.

Friday 25 September (Fields/Machines)

Henry CowellAeolian Harp
Cathy van EckGroene Ruis
Luc FerrariPresque Rien No.1
Clara IannottaThe people here go mad. They blame the wind.
Simon Løfflerb
Michael PisaroFields have ears 1
Dawn Scarfe/listening glasses installation
Dawn ScarfeAir Traffic
Agostino Di ScipioAudible Ecosystems, n.3a (background noise study)

Saturday 26 September(Space/Translation/Device)

Peter AblingerWeiss/Weisslich 11b
Peter AblingerRenate Fuczik
Bryan EubanksDouble Portrait
Bryan EubanksListening through glass walls
Mauro Lanza/Andrea ValleRegnum Vegetabile
Alvin LucierSferics
James SaundersLike you and like you
Hildegard WesterkampKits Beach Soundwalk

Listen to this: Micromusic at Cafe Oto, September 8th 2011

"Listen to This is a series of music concerts curated by composers. Micromusic, the second in the series, is a concert where music is sampled, transcribed, saturated, over-amplified and held under the microscope.

Curated by Joanna Bailie and exploring how contemporary composers transform techniques borrowed from the worlds of rock and pop, the evening features three major pieces for chamber ensemble and electronics performed by Apartment House.

The drone music of American composer and artist Phill Niblock's 5 More String Quartets reveals how close frequencies appear in our daily lives. Atopia (Hyperamplified) by Yannis Kyriakides explores the relationship between loudness and distance, inspired by the sound of sand drifting past a window in Cairo. The evening is completed by Johannes Kreidler's In Hyper Intervals, a piece that smashes expectations of remix culture, creating a rebellious union of the acoustic and electronic."

Spor 2010: guest curator


SPOR 2010: Exploded Music concerns the idea of a type of practice where the music has been disassembled, looked at in a new light and then recast. In the process the music spreads itself sideways in order to meet its contemporary context and to forge new connections with other artistic disciplines.

The broadness of this proposition (and indeed of the programme itself) is deliberately designed to allow us to reflect on new music with fresh ears (and eyes). It is the hope that the current role and future of the discipline might become clearer when placed in an environment where it must interact with other elements. SPOR 2010: Exploded Music, by its very nature, should ask questions about what music is and can be.

The programme of SPOR 2010 consists of two distinct, but complimentary strands. The first involves an approach to music that in someway reveals and amplifies aspects of the music by dismantling its constituent elements and combining them with performance or visuals.

Xavier Le Roy’s choreographic staging of Lachenmann’s music uses the musicians themselves, their movements and subtle scenographic devices in order to shift our perspective while maintaining the integrity of the piece and its intricate physicality.
Tape That dispense with the usual “invisibility” of practice inherent in electronic music performances in favour of an approach that shows us explicitly how the sound has been made (as well as letting us hear it). The Norwegian composer Trond Reinholdtsen completes this side of the programme. Reinholdtsen seeks to explode the complex relationship between music, meaning and context through integrating performance, video and a great deal of (often comic) self-reflection.

The second approach might be conceived as having a lineage that can be traced back to the work and philosophy of Cage (a composer who most certainly “exploded” music). It is concerned with bringing some aspect of “real life” and “real sound” into music, in effect exploring the border of where art meets context.

Our featured composer for the SPOR 2010 festival is Peter Ablinger and we will be presenting some of his installations and pieces that involve the recording and transcription of environmental sounds and human speech. The translation of these sound objects into notes and the complex mixture of “loss” and “gain” involved in the process is perhaps where the musical and conceptual interest lies.

David Helbich asks us to experience the sonic possibilities of real life in an altogether more direct manner by organising sound walks through the city of Aarhus. Finally, three artists from the Touch label will present their work with field recordings as part of a night of electronic music.

+ - : co-director (with Matthew Shlomowitz)

Plus Minus is an Anglo/Belgium octet committed to presenting new work alongside landmark modern repertoire. Formed in 2003 by Joanna Bailie and Matthew Shlomowitz, + - is distinguished by its interest in avant-garde, conceptual, and experimental open instrumentation pieces such as Stockhausen’s 1963 classic, from which the group takes its name.

+ - has performed at the Borealis (Bergen), Huddersfield, Spitalfields (London), Spor (Aarhus), Transit (Leuven), and Ultima (Oslo) festivals. + - has also played in London at the Talk Show and Calling Out Of Context exhibitions at the ICA, Whitechapel Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, South Bank Centre, Cutting Edge series, Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club and regularly at Kings Place.