21.03.19 talk and performance of Symphony Street Souvenir as part of KNM's Contemporaries project taking place 18-21.03.19 in Berlin.

04.03.19 Vermessung der Distanz (in collaboration with Susi Jirkuf for the project Zum Gemeinwohl!), Klangforum Wien, Wiener Konzerthaus

23.02.19 Artificial Environments Nos.1-5, The Ives Ensemble, Musicon: New Music Focus, Durham

08.02.19 Vermessung der Distanz (in collaboration with Susi Jirkuf for the project Zum Gemeinwohl!), Klangforum Wien, Eclat Festival Stuttgart

23.01.19 Artificial Environments Nos.9a-d, Ensemble neoN, Oslo

18.11.18 Artificial Environment No.8, Elisa Medinilla (Ensemble Nadar), Rainy Days Festival Luxembourg

17.11.18 + 24.11.18 Symphony Street Souvenir, United Instruments of Lucilin, Rainy Days Festival Luxembourg

14.11.18 Trains, GreyWing Ensemble, Fremantle, Western Australia

13.10.18 Trains, Ars Nova Ensemble, Stockholm

04.10.18 Trains, Mathis Mayr (Ensemble Mosaik), PLATO Ostrava, Czech Republic

08.09.18 Artificial Environment No.8, Małgorzata Walentynowicz,10 Jahre ON, Cologne

23.07.18 + 24.07.18 Analogue, Ensemble Nadar, Darmstadt Summer Course

25-27.05.18 New Installation made in collaboration with Begüm Erciyas and Robert Ochschorn, Playsonic Festival, Alte Oper Frankfurt

25.05.18 Dynamite-barrel/Balloon-anvil + Roll Call, Asamisimasa and Heloisa Amaral, Only Connect Festival of Sound, Oslo

20.05.18 On and Off 2, MAZE, MAZE Festival, Amsterdam

20.05.18 Artificial Environments Nos.1-5, Kevos, Constantine, Cornwall

16.05.18 Trains + Artificial Environment No.8, Explore Ensemble, JdP Building, Oxford — read an interview here

11.05.18 Artificial Environment No.8, Małgorzata Walentynowicz, Kody Festival, Lublin, Poland

05.05.18 Last song from Charleroi, Zwerm, Spor Festival Aarhus

02.05.18 The Grand Tour, Decontamination #14, RNCM Manchester

03.04.18 Last song from Charleroi, Zwerm, Kammerklang London

24.03.18 Artificial Environments No.8, Maria Sumareva, Miami

08.03.18 Dynamite-barrel/Balloon-anvil, Asamisimasa, Borealis Festival Bergen

02.02.18 Radio-Kaleidoscope, Quatuor Diotima, Eclat Festival Stuttgart

29.01.18 Artificial Environments No.8, Mark Knoop, Vienna