** Artificial Environments recorded by  Ensemble Plus-Minus  and out on NMC available  here  **

10.12.20 From above and far away, The Ives Ensemble, Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam

20.11.20 Dissolve, Explore Ensemble, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival /BBC Radio 3

18.11.20 Trains, Ensemble 21, Ars Musica, Belgium

18.11.20 Symphony Street Souvenir, Klangforum Wien, Konzerthaus Wien, Wien Modern

07.11.20 Dissolve, Explore Ensemble, November Music, The Netherlands

27.10.20 From above and far away and Artificial Environments Nos.1-5, The Ives Ensemble, De Link, Tilburg, The Netherlands

23.10.20 Trains, Mathis Mayr (Ensemble Mosaik), NeoArte, Gdansk, Poland

11.10.20 Artificial Environments Nos.1-3-5, Ars ad hoc ensemble, Teatro da Vista Alegre, Ílhavo, Portugal

12.09.20  He just missed the train, Asamisimasa, Ultima Festival, Oslo

04.09.20 Artificial Environments Nos.1-5, Ars ad hoc ensemble, Arte no Tempo, Aveiro, Portugal

29.08.20  Trains, Ensemble Nadar, De Bijloke, Belgium

13.08.20 Trains, DianaPlaysPerception (Alina Anufrienko cello), Moscow

09.07.20  Composer meet-and-greet, St Petersburg International New Music Festival Online

06.07.20  Station, Ensemble Adapter, St Petersburg International New Music Festival Online

28.06.20  Analogue, Ensemble Nadar, Albanova Festival, West Flanders 

21.06.20  Harmonizing (Artificial Environment No.7), EXAUDI, Aldeburgh Festival 

30.05.20  Analogue, Ensemble Nadar, AudaCity, CC Sint-Niklaas, Belgium 

29.05.20  Station, Ensemble Adapter,Weimarer Frühjahrstage Online

16.05.20   Artificial Environment No.8, musicians of the LSO, LSO St Luke’s, London 

15.03.20  Vermessung der Distanz (in collaboration with Susi Jirkuff), screening at Tricky Women Festival, Vienna 

08.03.20  Hildegardstraße/Bundesallee for amateur musicians, COMA events in Berlin, Eindhoven and Nottingham 

07.03.20  Analogue, Spółdzielnia Muzyczna contemporary ensemble, Elementi 8, Kraków 

06.03.20  Symphony Street Souvenir,Royal Northern Sinfonia, Sage Gateshead 

19.02.20  Artificial Environments Nos.1-5, Ensemble Contrechamps, Geneva 

15.01.20  Roll Call, Siwan Rhys, Bangor Music Festival, Wales 

30.01.20  Trains, Mathis Mayr (Ensemble Mosaik), arte no tempo, Aveiro, Portugal 

24.01.20  Artificial Environment No.8, Kate Ledger, York 

23.01.20  He just missed the train, Asamisimasa, Glogerfestspillene, Kongsberg, Norway 

18.12.19  Artificial Environment No.8, Florian Steininger, Musentempel Karlsruhe 

13.12.19  Artificial Environments Nos.1-5, Explore Ensemble, Kings Place, London 

12.12.19  Artificial Environments Nos.1-5, GreyWing Ensemble, Perth, Australia 

08.12.12  Analogue, Ensemble Mosaik, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin 

01.12.19  Vermessung der Distanz (in collaboration with Susi Jirkuff for the project Happiness Machine), Klangforum Wien, Rainy Days Festival, Luxembourg