Reverse-side (2021)

double video projection, 4 channels of sound
16 minutes

Commissioned by Labor Sonor Festival: Translating Spaces. First shown in Balhaus Ost, Berlin in 2021

Two audio-visual environments exist back-to-back, the first a representation of a real place, and the second its imaginary reverse. Like a complex woven fabric, this imaginary reverse creates and supports what we see and hear from the ‘front’ while at the same time acting as a kind of waste product, a neglected inversion. The idea that this recorded place might exist somewhere in the outside world in three-dimensions is thrown into disarray by the presentation of audio-visual space as a single plane with two surfaces.

video documentation—concept, edited by: Isabell Spengler
camera by: Lilli Kuschel, Stefan Korsinsky, Isabell Spengler
sound recorded by: Adam Asnan, Francisco Petrucci
sound mixed by: Adam Asnan